Digital Branding

& Managment

At Al2d2 Consultancy we provide website design, logo design, social media strategies, social media account management, SEO, AdWords, e-mail marketing. Also, of course, consultancy,

With my years of experience, I’m able to work across different disciplines, giving you a holistic approach to your campaigns. When it comes to designing, I reach out to the Teesion which is my e-commerce site.  Branding, whether it is logos, t-shirt designs or anything else is by my lovely wife.   If you would like anything in addition to what is provided, rest assured that Al2d2 Consultancy also has specialised partners in their fields, and they are ready to kick in if we need.


Based on our experiences and our foresight. We will put together a strategy on how you should appear across digital platforms.


-What should your brand identity be like?
- How should your logo look like?
- Which platforms should you be on?
- Whom should you talk and how?



These are the main areas that we can work together on to develop your digital brand, so you are trustworthy, impressive and persuasive in your target market’s minds. So you can get their attention and to get their attention and money :) (this is all for the money, you know the drill)

Corporate Identity Design

To stand out in your target market we can help provide a new brand design and your business name for your unique brand identity like your dreams,


It would be best (you must) if you had a website; We suggest Wix-based solutions. you may have questions, 


Wix? Templates? You say it`s web design? It is easy! I can do it! 


First, I build your site with Wix, and if you want to create your own, go for it, but if we work together,  It would be best to listen to our advice.


Using templates has got many advantages. They will save you cost, and they are created and designed by experts.  This is all beneficial for a good UI/UX experience.


You can read more on this blog.


However, if you need a badass site and ready to race head to head with giants?  We can provide that service as well.



Do you have plans to sell something online? Welcome to the bandwagon! However, it is not as easy as it looks. There is a whole host of different elements to consider.  From marketing strategies, analysing data, social media account management, e-mailing and monitoring the competitors. Therefore we strongly recommend using Shopify or similar services. This is a minimum product rule, so together we can focus on promoting your products and marketing strategies. We also provide product photography.

Paid-Campaign Management

Sadly as the digital space has changed, growing virally days are past. Today, we have to invest some money in our campaigns. However, it randomly throwing money is not enough. We can work together to develop your content, targeting and your brand identity. These are all relevant elements for successful campaigns. 

SEO/Adwords Google Services

Google services are essential, but competition in this field is fierce. On the other hand, SEO is gold, and we will ensure it is built into your website as we create it.

However, in the beginning, we strongly recommend focussing on your, paid-campaigns. Afterwards, with the unique data we gather, we will ready for this major league. 


We love the graphs, percentages, data, - don't we? Yes! We know that it is more important to analyse them and plan your next move. Al2d2 Consultancy will share a report and feedback with you on a  weekly or monthly basis.

Social Media Management

`What is your plans for this weekend? `Not that like. With our native speaker editors, we are creating your content and post strategy.  

Video Marketing

Youtube is the second most widely used social media platform after Facebook. It is essential to take part in this platform and convey our message. As Al2d2 Consultancy, we also offer video shoots and video editing services.